GG26367 Capacity Building for UHI worth $34,100

Project Partners (Districts) D9211, D5890; (Clubs) UHI_photos (2)Kampala North; West U (Houston).

This is a multifaceted community development project addressing: Disease Prevention & Treatment and Maternal & Child health. Two teams each comprising of 11 medical professionals from the Uganda Heart Institute (UHI) – Mulago Hospital, traveled to Houston, Texas. The main objective was to acquaint the trainees with best practices in running an efficient heart surgery and care programme, looking at quality, timeliness, and appropriate patient management.

The outcome is earlier detection of congenital heart disease in children; reduced mortality during or post-surgery; and better guidance to parents and guardians responsible for post-operative care.

 GG25920 NKONDO Expanded Irrigation $42,400.

IMG_0038Project Partners (Districts) D9211, D5340; (Clubs) Kampala North, Escondido East, La Jolla Golden Triangle, Oceanside

The project objective is to enable the community to harvest rainwater & store it for domestic and irrigation purposes. This also empowers Nkondo community to grow high-value crops during dry season.

The Immeri community (and the formed Water User Committee) who helped in identifying the locations of the valley water tanks, are taking the lead and supported the hired contractor in the excavation of the valley tanks in the natural storm water paths. The excavated valley tanks will be lined so as to prevent water leakage.

The landowners have written formally granting land. Contract awarded, one dam completed and three more to be done.

GG1410507 Maternal and Child Healthcare Education and Support worth $81,000

Project Partners (Districts) D9211, D7430, D7450, D7500; (Clubs); Kampala North, Blue Bell3

Other partners Makerere University in Kampala and Drexel University in Philadelphia

The objective is to increase capacity and quality of Maternal & Child Health care in community health care centers in Uganda by improving related health care education and infrastructure.

A central component of the initiative is Vocational Training Teams (VTT) exchange centered on an exchange of OB/GYN health care professionals from Makerere University in Kampala and Drexel University in Philadelphia, USA. The second component (approved as a separate global grant in December 2014) is the integration of distance learning programs between the partner universities that will eventually connect distance education program to a larger part of Uganda and use it as a model in other remote parts of Africa. As part of, and to support in parallel to the education components, critical equipment and supplies interventions are being carried out, as a humanitarian component of this project, at 4 selected sites (Health Centers) in Uganda: Kasangati; Komamboga; Namungalwe (Kaliro)