During the last quarter of 1987, Rotarian Avitus Timbarimbasa RIP (now Past President) of the Rotary Club of Kampala wrote to a number of people informing them about Rotary and inviting them to meet to discuss the formation of a Rotary Club in the area around makerere University Campus.

After a number of consultative contacts, the first meeting for formation of the Provisional Rotary Club of Makerere took place on February 22, 1988 under the Chairmanship of Rotarian Robert Rutaagi then President of the Rotary Club of Kampala, the sponsoring Club.

This inaugural meeting took place in the Dining Hall of the Uganda Teachers Association Bat Valley building. At that meeting it was agreed to meet subsequently every Monday at six O’clock in the evening for one hour.

Attendance at the first meeting included many people then working and / or residing at Makerere University Campus.

PP Avitus Timbarimbasa continued to steer the formation of this Provisional Club by sending written reminders to prospective members to attend the weekly meetings. The members of the Provisional Club subsequently elected amongst themselves the following officials of the Provisional Club:-

  • Dr. Chris Kayonga (RIP) – President
  • Dr. Daudi Muduuli – Vice President
  • Mr. Stenley Sabiti (RIP) – Secretary
  • Mr. Silver Ajakol – Treasury
  • Dr. Abel Katahoire – Director Club Service / President Elect
  • Dr. Augustine Kafuko – Director Vocational Service
  • Mr. Pierre Wandera – Director Community Service
  • Dr. Deogratius Sekimpi – Director International Service
  • Mr. Dan Nkwata (RIP) – Sergent-at-Arms

The first Board meeting was held on May 30, 1988 by which time the Club name had been changed to Kampala North so as to make it an all embracing service Club.

In addition to administrative issues the Board meeting discussed the following Club projects.

  1. Construction of bus shelters along Kampala Road and along Bombo Road.
  2. Polio Plus Vaccination centres in Makerere Kivulu, Old Mulago and Katanga Valley.
  3. Protected springs in Makerere Kivulu, Katanga Valley and Bwaise.
  4. Bombo Road crossing for school children at the then Bat Valley Primary School and Buganda Road Primary School (Pedestrian

bridge and / Police personnel).

Board meetings were subsequently held monthly and during the last Thursday of each month. The Provisional Club members participated in the 5th Intercity Conference on Saturday June 18, 1988 as a precursor to the 63rd District Conference and Assembly both held at the Uganda International Conference Centre (June 20 / June 23, 1988).

As expected the Members of the Provisional Rotary Club of Kampala North learnt a lot with regard to the Rotary parlance, Rotary ideals and methods of work.

The formal admission of the Provisional Club was announced at the District Governor’s Banquet on June 23, 1988. The outgoing District Governor PDG Sam Owori recognized the new Club accordingly as Club number 25541 before handing over the chain of office
Governor Abdul A. Lakha (RIP).
The admitted Club was subsequently chartered on August 06, 1988 by District Governor Abdul A. Lakha (RIP) at Fairway Hotel over lunch.

Early Club Activities

  • 1988 / 89:
  1. Support to Polio Plus Immunization at Kampala City Council Clinic at Kawempe every Tuesday by providing financial incentives to the staff to work longer hours and for the transportation of the vaccine, and regular visits by Club members.
  2. Provision of Bus Shelters.
  3. Consolidation of Club membership and Rotary information
  4. Weekly meeting venue changed from UTA Bat Valley building to Speke Hotel following a dispute in ownership.
  • 19889 / 90
  1. Continued support to Polio – Plus Immunization every Tuesday at Kawempe KCC Clinic.
  2. Mobilization for formation of the Provisional Rotary Club of Mubende.
  3. Subscription to the Club Plateau.
  4. Formation of the Interact Club of Kampala High School.
  • 1990 / 91
  1. A second Vaccination centre at Bwaise added to the above Club projects.
  2. Support for the Bakateyamba at Nalukolongo
  • 1991 / 92

Support to Children’s Library of Kampala City Council added to the above lost of Club Project.

  • 1992 / 93

Additional projects include:
– Four Way Test billboards
– Kajjansi RVC
– Career Guidance to some schools.

Charter members Mukiibi J.K.K. and Katahoire A.M.-S became the first Paul Harris Fellows in the Club.

  • 1993 / 94
  1. Additional support to the Kampala Children’s Library
  2. Twinning with the Rotary Club of Sydney North on the orthopedic workshop project at Mulago Hospital.
  3. The Chartering of the Rotary Club of Mubende.

As a way of furthering acquaintance Board meetings and Club functions used
to be held at Club Members’ homes on a rotational basis. The Club used to
make direct purchase of Rotary literature for Members’ accounts so as to
facilitate the acquisition of Rotary information.

The Club successfully organized the Eighth Intercity Conference subsequent to which many Club Members have played pivotal roles in District and other international conferences organized in this country.

By Past Assistant Governor Tom Kajumba

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