21 June – Day Three at hospital, Madras Medical Mission (MMM):

25 Jun

21 June – Day Three at hospital, Madras Medical Mission (MMM):


The VTT nurses engaged in continued management another new term for me! Most managed post-operative patients ranging from 1 to 7 days. 2 were with some pre-op patients. There was a patient from Tanzania who tried to communicate with them in Swahili but our nurses are limited in the language! They also met a Nigerian intern who has been here a while! Great!

Dr Naomi Kebba had a more exciting day! She was scrubbed in and invited to assist with a CABG (cabbage)! Finally! She’ll clock up a few hours of experience by the time we leave. It has sunk in that these operations are swift here! Lessons learned!

At lunchtime we drafted a wish list! MMM has indicated that they may be able to donate / give us some equipment! Of course the team is excited. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t remain just that; a wish list! Team would also like to do the Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) training. Mr Cherian, the director, will look into it; there may be a small / nominal cost involved. He also informed us that they do issue Attendance / Observation Certificates. We have drafted a report as well.

In the evening RC Meenambakkam collapsed their fellowship and invited us to a posh dinner held at our hotel. It was a sari night for the VTT! Sari shopping was done on Sunday evening afternoon after attendance at the TRF District Training. Our host, the wonderful Rtn Daksha had a hand in the ladies’ outstanding outfits! She donated the tops and also turned up with her household executive assistant in tow, to assist the team with dressing up! As you will see in the photos, they were shining stars! Everyone literally lined up for a photo opportunity.

We were invited to the high table for the formal part of the hospitality and I made a presentation on RC Kampala North works. We exchanged banners at the end and PDG C.R. Raju handed over RC Meenambakkam’s that is safely in my custody!