20 June – Day Two at hospital, Madras Medical Mission (MMM): VTT

22 Jun

20 June – Day Two at hospital, Madras Medical Mission (MMM): VTT

VTT is more conversant and confident about procedures and routines at MMM.


In the morning the nursing team was taught how to use a ventilation machine in greater detail. They were amazed at what it can do! UHI has a ventilation machine but this was an opportunity to learn and appreciate its effectiveness. They have an assigned biomedical engineer / expert whose teaching methods and explanations are fantastic.

The doctor observed another CABG! She is still awed by the efficiency displayed at these intricate and complex operations – they are out in less than 3 hours!

Two things impressed the entire team: RECORDING/REPORTING/DOCUMENTATION – this is done thoroughly to the extent that no words are necessary at the end of shifts. “Patient was given 500ml of water at room temp to drink; he was turned to the right and made more comfortable…!” More seriously, team reflected that if this method were employed in our hospitals, it would help on reducing complaints about lack of care, etc.
EXCELLENT HUMAN RESOURCE – MMM has sorted out the human resource issue. There is a team ready and dedicated to every aspect during procedures e.g there’s a preparation team that gets everything ready before surgery, a suction team, a clearing team at the end, an equipment team for the surgeon, an … team, etc!

In the afternoon, each member was assigned to a nurse and a particular patient. 2 members participated in an EXTUBATION! Google it please!

We attended the installation of Rtn Laksha of RC Madras Centenary Commemoration – first female President of this club! Great entertainment provided by a one-man traditional dancer!